MedFest 2016


What is MedFest 2016?

Medfest is a medically themed film festival run by UK psychiatry trainees.

Every Spring, medical schools around the UK and Ireland hold evening events. A selection of short films, clips and animations are shown and discussed by a panel of distinguished or famous faces before the floor is opened for audience comments.

The dual aims of MedFest are to increase interest in psychiatry and to inspire people through film.

It is our pleasure to anounce that the theme of Medfest 2016 is:

‘Framing Trauma: Conflict and Medicine’.

This year the films will aim to consider the depiction of trauma in film and its relationship with healthcare and medicine. We will seek to encourage audience opportunity to reflect on the impact of conflict in a variety of contexts on both physical and mental well being and to discuss the role of both medicine and mental health care in these situations as well as considering positive coping mechanisms and resilience in face of difficulties.

Over 40 events are currently being planned worldwide. Please check the links above to find a venue and local contact near you!

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Who can come?

Anyone – the majority of our audiences tend to be medical students, though our events are relevant to all health professionals and film fans.

Members of the public are most welcome.


Where does it happen?

In 2015 a total of 46 events were held globally, comprising of over 25 medical schools in UK. Further successful events were held in Ireland, Portugal, Pakistan, India, Canada, South Africa, Australia and the US, reaching a combined audience of more than 3,000.

Keep checking the site for updates on which areas MedFest is reaching in 2016.

Get in contact if you think your area needs a MedFest!


How much does it cost to attend?

Absolutely nothing – MedFest is largely funded by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, with additional funding being accrued from both national and local sources. So there is no entry fee. Most events also carry free refreshments.

MedFest does not receive funding from pharmaceutical companies.

KCL Medfest Sketch 5

Illustrations of the KCL Medfest (25/2/16) by Mao Fong Lim, 2nd year med student

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KCL Medfest Sketchs

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